Nadine Marie

General Manager, Head Wedding Planner & Coordinator

Our fearless leader, wedding planner and head coordinator. Nadine joined the Sugar Lake team in 2018 and has always brought a level of professionalism, creativity and flawless execution to our venue. Be sure to watch the pop-up interview with Nadine to get a couple of tips, learn more about her, and hear her favorite part of the wedding day.

Nadine Marie

Get to know me

Question 1: What's your favorite part of the wedding day?

Answer: "Watching my couple's reaction to seeing each other for the first time. I just absolutely love that and I think its so sweet."

Question 2: What's the nickname you have for your coordinating team?

Answer: "The fanny pack girls! We all have fanny packs and they are like Mary Poppins bags - we can pull anything out of them."

Question 3: What's one song that you can't help but dance to every time it plays at a wedding reception?

Answer: "Of course, I think everybody can't help but dance to - Whitney Houston, I wanna to Dance With Somebody."

Question 4: What's a piece of advice you give to every bride on her wedding day?

Answer: "One, drink water. Two, just stay present. Be in the moment and enjoy that time with your friends and family. And no matter what happens you're going to have a good day because the energy you bring in is the energy that everybody is going to feel."

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