Avrie Michele

Social Media Manager and Coordinator

An essential part of the Sugar Lake team, Avrie’s secret talent is always being there when you need a helping hand. Avrie strives to create an atmosphere of world-class service to make sure everyone at your party is taken care of.

Avrie Michele

Get to know me

Question 1: What's your favorite part of the wedding day?

Answer: "Coming up to the head table and making sure everyone is doing great and making sure I grab them whatever I can."

Question 2: What's your secret talent as a coordinator?

Answer: "Everyone says that I can be everywhere at once - if someone says "hey I need this to be done" I show up out of nowhere."

Question 3: What's one song that you can't help but dance to every time it plays at a wedding reception?

Answer: "For sure The Dougie. I just can't- we're always in the back - teach me how to dougie."

Question 4: What's one piece of advice you always give to a bride on her wedding day?

Answer: "Always have snacks on hand. I feel like a little cracker or some cheese is always good to have when you're standing around and hanging out."

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