Say hello to Alyssa! She’s all about the excitement and emotion of your wedding day. From the first dance to the final cheers, she loves to see the happiness in everyone’s eyes. Watching the genuine connection between you and your partner is her favorite part of the job.

Her love for florals means she's always looking for ways to incorporate natural beauty into your day. She’s also a music enthusiast, often found with a guitar in hand. When she’s not coordinating, she might be on a hiking trail with her dog, Copeland, embracing her Cancer sign's intuitive and nurturing nature.

She dreams of drifting above the desert skies in a hot air balloon ride over New Mexico, finding inspiration in the serene vastness of it all. With Alyssa, your wedding day will be full of love, beauty, and those little moments that mean everything.


Get to know me

Question 1: What's your favorite part of the wedding day?

Answer: "Watching my couple's reaction to seeing each other for the first time. I just absolutely love that and I think its so sweet."

Question 2: What's the nickname you have for your coordinating team?

Answer: "The fanny pack girls! We all have fanny packs and they are like Mary Poppins bags - we can pull anything out of them."

Question 3: What's one song that you can't help but dance to every time it plays at a wedding reception?

Answer: "Of course, I think everybody can't help but dance to - Whitney Houston, I wanna to Dance With Somebody."

Question 4: What's a piece of advice you give to every bride on her wedding day?

Answer: "One, drink water. Two, just stay present. Be in the moment and enjoy that time with your friends and family. And no matter what happens you're going to have a good day because the energy you bring in is the energy that everybody is going to feel."

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